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I recently started working with Ron on improving my Sporting Clays ability. In that time he has been able to correct many aspects of my technique that has translated to a much higher score and a better understanding of how to set up for different target presentations. His ability to work with your ability or skill level and incorporate time proven techniques into your practice routine is both effective and professional. Ron is a committed professional and a great mentor to learn from. I have also seen his commitment to provide his clients with a lasting good impression of the great sport of competitive shooting that will both improve your ability and reiterate the importance of having fun and enjoying the sport we work so had to master.
- Steve Mageors
I have known Ron Ingles for about 5 years, from the first time I met Ron I could see he is passionate about shooting. He would come into my work to purchase ammo and would always ask me to bring Hailey out so they can shoot together.

From the minute she started shooting with Ron she fell in love with the sport. Ron has worked with my daughter for the past year; I credit Ron for her success and mental preparation. My daughter is 14 years old and where a lot of instructors would lose patience with young teenagers, Ron is able to instruct her in a language and tone that she can understand. Ron is the type of person who talks with you and not at you which is an attribute few instructors have.

Ron is not worried about your score or class, what Ron teaches is the correct attitude and the correct approach to hitting the target. I have heard him tell Hailey that he would rather you miss the target correctly than hit the target incorrectly.

It saddens me that Ron has moved away, but he is constantly calling Hailey everyday she shoots to talk to her, when she has had a bad day Ron is not mad or impassionate and by the end of the call she is all smiles. When she shoots well, Ron is excited for her so you can say Ron is coaching her even though he is not physically with Hailey.

I would recommend Ron and his instructions to anyone that is just starting out in the sport and even to those who need that little push to get them over the edge.
- Destiny Carter
Do you want to excel at Sporting Clays?

It was so much fun to have Ron Ingels teach me the Game of Sporting Clays.

From the beginner who doesn’t even know how to stand or hold the Shotgun, Ron taught me everything from Safety to Shooting tournaments. Ron will teach you everything from Etiquette during tournaments to shooting the dreaded True Pairs.

Shooting the same targets 2 to 3 different ways to help you with the True Pairs in targets is key. When you step into a shooting stand, Ron will teach you how to prepare to hit both targets, formulate your strategy, starting with the “Hold Point” to the swing of the Gun. Most importantly, Ron taught me how to Practice properly. After that I was regularly competing in my class.

If you want to succeed in this great Sport, Hire Ron to be your Instructor and in my case My Coach
- Rob Jacobs

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